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We are Kaiju


We build premier drum and bass events for connoisseurs of bass music.

We are back. Kaiju Promotions has been conceived by people who live dnb and jungle music. We have been involved in the dnb since it’s early inception as Jungle Techno up to the present day. We are a combination of DJ’s, MC’s and producers that have vowed to bring premier club nights and events to the people who want them.

Why? Simply, because we are people that like to go to clubs, who want to make the very best events for people who go to clubs. Production is key to us, we want you to remember your night at Kaiju as one of the best you have ever had. We seek out the best venues, with the best sound systems possible to put on nights that you won’t forget and you will want to come back to and experience again. Drum and Bass is all about the quality of the sound. At a Kaiju event you will experience dnb like you have never heard it before. We don’t only want you to hear the bass, we want you to feel the bass frequencies through your body.

We aim to showcase internationally renowed legendary dnb and jungle music dj’s and mc’s along with newly established and emerging talent in an ongoing effort to push the scene ever forward.


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